This is a research project carried out for Universal Standard Housing, a company that offers solutions for buying and renting apartments in LA-USA.

It is a project designed with a simple style in color and diagramming but with a strong visual development, accompanied by figures in 3D that represent moments, tastes and objects that define us in the day to day in our home. This project includes 3d renders and elements, information design, infographics, qualitative and quantitative visualizations and iconography. 
The content has been protected by Universal Standard Housing brand confidentiality.
All rights reserved to Ahzul as a company.
The design of the presentation seeks to represent in each of its slides a space "cool", lounge like and practical for young people, students and workers who want to feel in a comfortable and modern environment, both in their private spaces and with the people around them.
Colors are highlighted by personalities, common objects but with an important role in the spaces in which we coexist and a sophisticated editorial layout.
Comparative slides with target information, dates, values and representations of the purchase motivation.
Quantitative information is also designed, in these costs, balances, demographic data, comparisons of values and data frequencies are highlighted.

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