Proposal for a beer concept, including the construction and comprehensive product description. This encompasses the development of visual identity, an advertising campaign, activation strategies, and a "big idea" to introduce the finest 10-degree alcohol beer specifically crafted for Colombia.
Branding and copywriting skills were essential in establishing the brand's reason to believe, developing the concept, and crafting a launch campaign targeted at a specific audience.
The logotype drew inspiration from music, spirits, and jazz, creating a groovy style that aligns seamlessly with the product's positive vibes and benefits.
The product is designed with vibrant colors and a captivating style to attract future buyers, especially those who are social, adventurous, and daring. It targets individuals seeking to share enjoyable moments with friends at fantastic locations, as well as at musical and artistic events in Colombia.
The campaign plays a crucial role in this project. Developed during the pandemic, the strategy aimed to convey the message that people could still enjoy good times with friends or family at home while the country was gradually reopening and returning to normalcy.
Social Media artwork to promote the campaign and encourage people to engage with the product.
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