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Stellantis, a global leader in the automotive industry, is spearheading an innovative project focused on leveraging the UConnect platform—a unified system of connected services across automotive brands. This initiative aims to deliver a range of top-tier services tailored to each brand within its portfolio, including navigation packages, assistance features, vehicle performance insights, health reports, and advanced safety and security measures.
As part of a team of three creatives, I played a key role in shaping the visual and creative aspects of this project. Our collaborative efforts included producing engaging How-to-videos with skilled talents, specifically designed to help customers navigate the UConnect platform and make the most of its features. We also crafted internal playbooks, serving as easy-to-follow guides for our team, providing insights into each feature of the cars. Additionally, we created straightforward two-pagers that effectively communicate the benefits and costs of these service packages. Together, we contributed to Stellantis' commitment to enhancing the customer experience by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with a visually appealing and informative approach, ensuring the brand stays updated and competitive in the automotive guild.
From analyzing the market and contributing to defining the look and feel of the ideal customer for each brand, we started selecting the perfect colors and vibe in alignment with the brands' guidelines. Leveraging my expertise in photography, I contributed to crafting the concept and storyboard. Subsequently, we collaborated with a photography studio to film the scenes, with the studio sending the footage back to us for the strategic placement of assets, audio incorporation, and colorization during the production phase.
A storyboard and backstage images is always part of the process.
Playbook guides

I collaborated with another designer to establish a structure for replicating the guide across the brands. This structure showcases the distinctive features of each brand while providing clear explanations of the process to access them.
Alfa Romeo

As simple as it gets, every product needs a legal touch. This two-pager stuck to the playbooks, covering prices and other important stuff.
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